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Following is a list of some of the services that we offer.

Web Site Development and Hosting
Technical Services
Backup Service
Database, Software Development and Programming Services

Rates, Charges, Terms & Conditions

Web Site Development and Hosting

Web Design Services

Bee Honey I.T. can Create a web presence for your Company or organisation from a simple one page e-card to a Full Blown Content Management System (CMS) that you can edit from your home or office

Bee Honey I.T. can create sites using asp, jsp, cfm, php and can work with Access, MySQL, MSSQL databases so we can tailor a solution to meet and system requirements and any budget.

Web Hosting Services

Want your own domain name and web site? We can supply a range of web hosting options from a simple one page e-business card to complete e-commerce solutions. Domain name registration costs around $140.00 for two years for a address. A simple site with your company profile and e-mail addresses can be setup for as little as $15 per month.

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Technical Services


Need help setting up your new system, printer, scanner etc? Installation is usually fairly simple but you can run into problems. A call to your supplier or the manufacturer may often get the problem solved but if all else fails, we can help you.


Computer not working? Hard drive crashed? Component failures are rare but they do happen, usually just after the warranty expires! We can replace the faulty parts quickly and in your home or office at a time to suit you. Call us to experience our fast efficient service.


Need more RAM or a bigger hard drive? New applications demand more and more memory and disk space, we can upgrade your PC in a jiffy! All work is done on-site in your home or office at your convenience.


Got a computer problem that you cant get to the bottom of? Let us have a go at it! We have over 12 years experience and many contacts in the industry. If we cant fix the problem we will find someone who can.

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Backup Service

Regular backups are a crucial part of any computer system but surprisingly many people either dont get around to it or find that their backups are useless because they werent performed correctly.

What sort of data can you lose?

Customer database/contacts
Invoice and accounting records
Legal documents/contracts

What about applications?

Applications, including the operating system, can be easily re-installed from the original disks. Backing them up is not necessary and time consuming. The only way to effectively backup your applications is to backup the entire system. This can be done quite easily but in most cases is not necessary. We recommend backing up just your data as this is the information that cannot be replaced easily.

How can you lose your data?

Hardware failure
Computer Virus Infection
Power surges
etc etc etc

How important is your data to you or your company?

For some people the loss of data is merely an inconvenience, for others the cost can run into millions. You need to assess your datas value to determine the methods you should use to protect that data.

What can we do for you?

We offer a professional service whereby we backup your data for you on a regular basis and store it in a secure location away from your place of business.

How do we backup your data?

First we install a removable hard drive in your PC and our own specially designed backup software. Then we schedule weekly visits where we bring the hard drive, do the backup and then leave with it. This ensures that your backup is performed regularly and correctly. Also, because we take the drive away with us, your backup data is kept safely off the premises. Backing up your data and leaving it in the office is a waste of time if the building burns down or the backups are stolen along with your computer equipment.

For the budget conscious we can install the system and leave you to perform the backups yourself. Its then up to you to make sure its done! Use the setup costs for the casual rate in the table below for pricing.

What happens if my system crashes and I need to restore the backup data?

Once the system is repaired and ready to receive the backup data (we can help with this if required) we will return with the data and restore it to your system. The data is simply copied to the backup drive, theres no compression, encryption or anything else to prevent fast, direct access to your data when you need it.

What if I need quick access to my backup data?

The software can also be configured to run automatically on a fixed internal hard drive. With both systems installed you get the best of both worlds. A manual backup performed on a regular basis and taken off-site and an automatic scheduled backup which is accessible at all times through your network.

How often should I back up my data?

We suggest backing up on a weekly basis but backups can be performed more or less frequently as required. How often you backup really depends on how much data is being stored and how often. If you only enter a few transactions every day then you can backup once a week with minimal risk of loss. If you lost a weeks work it would not be too hard to re-enter it. However, if you enter hundreds of transactions every day then you should probably backup every day. Using our system you could have an automated internal daily backup and a manual external weekly backup. The system is totally flexible.

How much does it cost?

A one off setup fee applies for initial installation of the removable hard drive and/or internal hard drive and our Backup Control software. The setup cost varies according to the size of the hard drive(s) and includes your first backup. The backup services costs $44.00 per backup for us to come out, run the backup and store your data off site.

What we do for you
- We backup your specified data and store it securely away from your office location
- We will not examine, reveal, exploit, sell or use your data in any way whatsoever
- If your backup data is required we will return and restore it to your system as quickly as reasonably possible.

What we cant do
The backup is provided as a service only and priced accordingly, this is not an insurance policy. While all care is taken we cannot accept financial or legal liability for loss or damages caused by loss of data due to hardware failure, accidental damage or other causes We do not recommend this service as your only backup solution. A complete backup solution should comprise of at least two separate backup systems. Please ask us about additional backup solutions.

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Database & Programming Services

Database Services

Need a database for your client or product information? I can create an easy to use database using the popular Microsoft Access program in no time and at a very low cost. If access isnt suitable for your applications we can also create MSSQL databases and use the Power or MSMSQL and the flexibility of a custom Build Visual Basic Front End. Call or e-mail for more information.

Programming Services

If an Access database isnt good enough we can write a program specifically for you at very reasonable rates using a wide range of software applications. Call or e-mail for more information.

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