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Rates, Charges, Terms & Conditions

Rates & Charges

Terms & Conditions

Why are we cheaper than other companies?

Rates & Charges

Effective 1st July 2003

Service Type


Call Out Fee*


After Hours Surcharge*


Labour Charge

$55.00 / hour

Consultation Fee

$55.00 / hour

Minimum Charge


Telephone Support

$22.00 / hour

Backup Service


Programming Charge

$55.00 / hour

Domain Names  

Domain Name Registration ( /

$60.00 / 2 years

Domain Name Registration (.com)

$138.60 / 2 year

Domain Parking/Redirection

$55.00 / year

Domain Name Registration (

$16.00 / 2 year

Web Hosting  
Club Website - 100mg transfer / month, 10 email addresses (For small non Profit organisations and clubs)  $150.00 / 12 Months
Basic Website - up to 300mg Server Space, 100mg transfer / month, 10 email addresses
$27.50 / Month 
 $275.00 / 12 Months
Large Website -up to 500mg Server Space, 300mg transfer / month, 10 email addresses
$49.00 / Month
$490.00 / 12 Months

Other Sites


Web Design  

Text/HTML Updates

$55.00 /hr

Advanced Programming

$75.00 / hr

* Call out, After hours surcharge, Prices and discount rates apply at the sole discretion of Bee Honey I.T.

Terms & Conditions

1. While all care is taken, Bee Honey I.T. does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to data incurred while attempting repairs to your computer. All data should be backed up prior to work commencing. If you are unable to backup your data please let us know and we will attempt to recover and backup your data before commencing repairs.

2. All work is guaranteed for a period of 3 months from the date of completion. If the problem or a related problem occurs within this time it will be fixed free of additional labour charges. Parts are covered by a manufacturers warranty of between one and twelve months. Your invoice is your proof of purchase and warranty.

3. After hours service is provided where possible but availability is not guaranteed. Every effort is made to accomodate your needs but we cannot be everywhere at once!

4. Payment terms are normally COD unless prior arrangements have been made.

5. Domain Name costings are current as at 29/7/2003 on application price will be confirmed

Why are we cheaper than other companies?

Most companies charge at least $100 per hour for on-site work, many charge considerably more. So why are our rates so much cheaper?

The main reason for our lower rates is that we are a small business with very low overheads. We dont carry any stock, only purchasing goods as and when we require them. All work is carried out onsite so we dont need a workshop or retail shop front to operate from. We hardly spend any money on advertising, all of our work comes from existing customers and referrals.

We also have a strong emphasis on customer service, we put in the extra time to get the problem fixed right. We try to fit in with your schedule by offering after hours service including evenings, weekends and public holidays wherever possible.

All this means that you get the best possible service for a lower cost.