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Content Management Systems / Websites

Bee Honey I.T. can design and implement web sites of all different sizes and with various functionality.
We belive that it is one thing to provide you with a web site but it is another to provide you with a site that works. Works for you and Works for your intended Audience
To make this a reality we have included features in our web site that so that you the web site owner have complete control over your web site and its content. This is done by the use of an Admin system that only selected people specified by you, will have access to.
To be able to edit the Web site you need no special I.T. knowledge, if you know how to use a word processor you can run your own Web site
Below is an example of how the admin system looks

If you want any further information Please dont hesitate to Contact us

Computer Components

Although Bee Honey I.T. is not a direct seller of Computer parts though numerous contacts and suppliers we can they and do the ground work and chase up the best deal for you. We can provide competitive pricing on Complete Workstations, Servers, Desktops or individual hardware items such as Hard Drives, CDroms ,Memory, Video Cards, ADSL/Cable Routers, Wireless Ethernet, network cards, switches and hubs all to suit your needs and budget.
By not being a direct seller of hardware we can offer you what is best for you in to match your needs and budget not what is the best markup for us.